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Just stumbled upon this lovely word:

If you experience atychiphobia, you have an irrational and persistent fear of failing. Fear of failure may be part of another mood disorder, anxiety disorder, or eating disorder. You may also deal with atychiphobia at times throughout your life if you’re a perfectionist. ~ Healthline

Atychiphobia. Yeah, that’s going in my byline, my bio, on my driver’s license and becoming an opening conversation with every potential new friend. Might should bring it up to any new clients, too.

You can learn a lot on the interwebs.

(And here I was just out browsing for new #followers)


Let’s do this together. It’s DAY ONE.

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Sometimes it happens like that.

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Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Life is a stale mantra,
a breath fought for;
a mockery of plenty.

How the impoverished
up at the sun,
this running — never done.

~I Can Still See the Sun

Sometimes a poem comes so quickly you have trouble getting it down. You have to mute the television, grab your laptop, and let the words start following the blinking cursor. In truth, it is intoxicating. I love it when a poem births me.

This is one such poem.
I hope you will give it a quick read and maybe a few moments of thought.

~ Stay safe and well!

Christina M. Ward

Fiddleheads & Floss Poetry
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A poem.

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Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

gather your unwindings
and plant them in the soil

they shall grow you
into something
new — Unwindings, CMW

You can’t run run from the roaches
inside the walls, scurries that speak
your name and call you by heart.

They somehow get inside of you,
a stink you can’t wash from your skin,
scorching hot, the water leaves you pink.

How the impoverished
up at the sun,
this running — never done.

If you close your eyes too early at night
they’ll come, you know. Remind you
of the death-stench of poverty
racing inside your veins.

If the sun rises and the walls get painted
and you add the lavender-patchouli bath bombs
and burn the sage and light the candles
and work and work and work…
can you…

If you are wanting to learn more about growing followers, this free course may be the boost you need. It is being presented by Fiddleheads & Floss Writing Services (hey, that’s me!) and is totally free of charge. Consider it a Beta testing of sorts for someone who really wants to begin writing some coursework. Any feedback is welcome and very helpful.

As a result of THIS VERY COURSE, I hustled right into the attentions of a blog site that wants to interview me about my work and my poetry collection. Cool, huh?

Many thanks to the participants who have taken this leap of faith with me!
A few have already given some feedback and encouraged me with their interest and pms: Robin Klammer, Samantha Lazar, Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol

~ Christina
Fiddleheads & Floss Writing Services

How to take the anger out of social media…just don’t read the comments. If you want to keep your sanity and control your temper, that is. Some of you may enjoy the ugliness. The hatred. You may enjoy digging at the souls of other people until you find a weak spot. I, do not.

It pains me to see the way we treat each other online. Which is why I made my debut article on Elephant Journal about this very topic. If this is a topic that is close to your heart, why not hop over and give this very important message a boost? Like, follow comment…you know the deal.

Let’s spread the word!

Will US citizens get paid to take Covid-19 vaccine? It has been suggested, and I have thoughts. I am not so sure this is a good idea and here’s why. What do you think of this idea?

Scott Tarlo, I’d love to have your thoughts. Maybe this should be a POLIprompt?

It seems like such an, er…..slippery slope?

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POMprompt #21; Short Form Nods is the newest POMprompt for all poets of The POM. You must follow the instructions on how to do a short form post. Make sure to tag your submission #POMprompt and if you have room to hyperlink the POMprompt 21 post (this one) then do so.

Keep your submissions UNDER 150 WORDS TOTAL. NO Picture! The goal: Practice short form and also to give a little nod to one of your favorite POMpoets or a favorite poem in The POM. A short thank you and why you like the poem will do. Now…go!

Here’s a sample of how to do it!

Fiddleheads & Floss Writing Services
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Short form kicks off with a poetic bang, thanks to poet Samantha Lazar, who released this poem in response:

Experiments in Short Form by Samantha Lazar

The poem is a lovely read — and it represents a lot of how poets have been feeling on the Medium platform for a long time now. May the short-form changes be ever in our favor!

Thanks Samantha for lifting us all with your beautiful, poetic voice. You are a lovely soul, my friend!

Fiddleheads & Floss Writing Services
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With the influx of writers trying to join News Break, some writers are being turned away. Without any explanation, the email informs a disappointed writer that they have not been selected for the Creator Program, which promises a whopping 1K monthly payout to qualifying writers. To qualify, a Creator must post at least 3 articles per week, all of which must receive 500 reads, while maintaining a personal followership of 500 readers. The platform reportedly is “not enforcing” the 1K word count “at this time.”

With the tidal wave of new applicants for News Break, Facebook groups are popping up with writers and hopefuls, collaborating, comparing the fine print, and trying to navigate the often conflicting information. Many writers remain hopeful this will be another way to earn money for their passion.

Check out News Break For Writers & For Readers. Follow me on News Break.

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