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And why people are flocking to add their own voices to the mix

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Image by (Joenomias) Menno de Jong from Pixabay

I started a political publication for a few reasons:

  • To give writers a safe space to express their opinions on politics, news, society and issues that are important to them.
  • To encourage healthy political discourse.
  • To give a platform for those who feel their voices are unheard.
  • To encourage writers to be brave in their writing and to experiment with investigative journalism.
  • To create a community where voices matter, regardless of agreeability and source.

I wanted voices from across the political spectrum. …


When you simplify your life, you save time for what really matters

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Image by Gina Janosch from Pixabay

Humans like simplicity. It gives our minds room to move around and explore our spaces without getting bogged down in the wash of details. Without the overwhelm of caring for more than we must. We need simple spaces to help us feel safe and in control.

Before Marie Kondo’s methods dropped on Netflix and her name became a verb we all fantasize about applying to our lives, our concepts of simplifying were steeped in marketing, capitalism, consumerism. What Kondo has taught us through her documentary Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is that:

  • No, we do NOT need all of this stuff — or to keep buying new…

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