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Because here at P. S., we care.

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One of our hard-working editors and I talked for a bit on the phone today. …


As writers we often let the reader decide our best work, this time; I picked.

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Oftentimes as poets we have favorite poems of our own that get overlooked, or worse, fall flat with readers. Sometimes this is because the poems are too cerebral, too cathartic without offering much else to the reader, or they simply were ill-placed and weren’t seen. As poets, we also let our readers and fans decide which of our work is the most valuable.

Not today. I decided to share with you three of the poems that I feel are some of my best works, though the readers didn’t necessarily swoon over them. Perhaps, they’ve been simply overlooked. To make it easier for you to enjoy them, I am including a brief excerpt along with the original link so you can taste the poem a bit and decide if you’d like to read the rest. …

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