From poetry to short stories to full-length novels, these techniques are key

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What makes for great suspense or horror writing? If you ask Stephen King this question, he might say something about the careful, deliberate, slow unfolding of details, grisly details, that build tension and draw the reader in one claw stroke after another. Dean Koontz might disagree, citing surprising twists and…

Medium Reader Feed — How Can Other Writers Compete With This?

I just took a scroll down my Medium feed and ONE writer was featured THIRTY-FOUR TIMES. I finally got…

a Documentary of American Literary Icon Joan Didion

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Thursday Night, [American Eve,] Nowhere In Particular

American English devolves into scrawlings
of misspelled words, inscribed on the backs
of tarnished moral compasses,
each bearing a needle perpetually pointing south,
quivering against the pull of magnetic correction.
It leaves us all oblivious to direction or personal conviction,
though who or what can be blamed? …

Kids really do have more stuff than they can manage — so what to buy for these kids? We need to listen when parents say their kids don’t need anything.

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You may be tempted this year to go overboard. I mean, since Covid came in like the Grinch…we’ve all been going longer without seeing family members. But don’t let this lost time inspire a shopping binge. In fact, parents are saying — we don’t really need anything. …

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