Both my nurse practitioner and the ER staff looked in my mouth. There’s no swelling in there and aside from a broken tooth back there, there wasn’t much to see. Now that it has progressed this far I am having terrible tooth pain but at first, the pain was only in my cheek, jawbone, and the side of my head. I had no idea where the pain was coming from. The nerves are so inflamed. But the infection is moving backward, into the bone (and the side of my face I guess), instead of into my mouth where the swelling might have been a giveaway. It is excruciating. My nurse practitioner is pretty much useless. I hate to say that about her but it’s true. I have to see the doctor that uses a sliding scale income-based payment which leaves me stuck with her. The ER doctors ran all kinds of tests to clear me for stroke and MS. The dentist finally found the issue and it shocked him. Now I wait, nervously and in pain. June 4 could NOT get here soon enough. Although it will take us time to raise the money, I’d still like for at least the consult to be done ASAP — so I know for sure what kind of danger I am in. Gosh, I’m rambling.

Thank you so much for reading, for your kind words and your empathy.

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