CBD Oil — Bringing Back My Love of Reading!

an unexpected result

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Here are a few of the outstanding results that I am seeing now that I have been on this for 5 weeks.

  • Greatly improved sleep. I fall asleep better, sleep more soundly, and wake up feeling more refreshed. (This is a small miracle, in and of itself!)
  • Decreased picking. I have dermatillomania which is a chronic skin picking disorder related to OCD. I was flabbergasted when I started CBD oil and the first thing I noticed about it was that I completely stopped picking! I have only had a few impulses to pick and this is miraculous. As this is a compulsive behavior, I’m quite shocked to see such positive results with CBD.
  • I feel more calm. Some days I actually feel too chill, if that’s a thing. This is the reason that I am taking half a dose. (Regular dose is 20 drops, twice daily)
  • And my favorite result of all is that I am able to concentrate and therefore am falling back in love with reading books.

Reading has always been my escape.

I grew up in a family of 7 people in a small 2-bedroom house. Being a terribly shy introverted child meant that I took every opportunity I could to have time to myself. And this usually meant stealing away with a book.

When reading becomes difficult

As I got older if it came increasingly difficult for me to concentrate on reading books. By the time my kids were in grade school and I started college I realize that reading anything at all was a challenge. I read my college textbooks with a pen and a highlighter and had to be making notes somewhere in order to retain any kind of focus.

But, this past Saturday I read half of a novel in one day!

My life had become stagnant and sedentary and I just was not living to my full potential.

I’m grateful for the positive changes that CBD oil is bringing to my life. While it is wonderful to get a good night sleep — there is something very special about propping my feet up again, leaning back in my chair, and absorbing a book with the curiosity and hunger of a child.

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