Daisy and Tic Tac

stories of a chicken-momma

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I am sitting outside,
trying to write.

But Daisy won’t stop chasing Tic Tac,
the poor little thing.
They are causing quite a ruckus!

With Freedom now gone
— because sometimes your oldest
hen, named Freedom, will just die on 9/11,
what are the odds?
little Tic Tac
is on her own now
to fend for herself
against the “big meannie hens”
and the lone roo — Percy,
who really doesn’t have a lick
of control over those girls.

He’s a little banty anyway.

Poor Tic Tac.
Run, baby, run!

Great, now Nemesis
is chasing Merlin again,
and Tina Turner is
crowing like a roo,
What is wrong with her???

These chickens have
lost their flippin’ minds!

Christina Ward 🌼 is a poet and nature writer who likes to sit outside to write. But sometimes the chickens won’t stop being weirdos and she can’t concentrate. So she writes about them. Why the hell not?

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Freelancer | Editor | Poet | Mentor | Author of ::organic:: | 🤍POMpoet🤍 | I Love🌏 Virtual ‘tip jar’ ➡ https://ko-fi.com/christinaward

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