I got the hell out of Dodge when that ugliness started to rear its head toward me. I won’t have anyone talking to me with such condescension. I just could not tolerate what I was seeing every day in that group.

When people become successful on a platform they do have a responsibility. I applaud you for recognizing that your voice is important on this matter. When another person is reeling in the newbies and taking advantage of them I think it is important for successful medium writers to step up and say no, that is not how things are here. I was scared to death when I left that group that I was cutting my own throat having only been on medium for about 12 weeks at the time. But I spoke my mind and parted ways with him and everything associated with him. I do not regret it for a moment. But I will say it does bother me that new people coming in like I did are looking up to him and thinking that he can lead them towards success. And most of it is just utter bs.

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