#GrowMyFollowing 7-Day Free Course

After taking a look at my Medium stats over the past few months, my stagnating email address landing page, and the plateau of followership I’ve seemed to reach across platforms; I decided it is time to do something about this.

Writers, entrepreneurs, and artists (etc.) lament about the slow readership and online engagement for the last few months of the year. It may seem a bad time for me to launch a new idea — but I say there’s no time like right now.

Let me ask you a few things:

  • Are you happy with the readership you are experiencing on your platforms? (Yeah, me neither.)
  • Would you like to grow your followers on more than one platform, newsletter, or email list? (Heck yeah! Sign me up! Wait, this is my course.)
  • Are you willing to set aside a little time over the next 7 days to work your business to increase followership and drive engagement?

Good. Me too. So why don’t we tackle those things together?

Here’s how to participate in #GrowMyFollowership:

#GrowMyFollowership Course Timeline

  1. DAY ONE —#GrowMyFollowership, Let’s Take Inventory
  2. DAY TWO — Circular Marketing Strategy
  3. DAY THREE — Authentic engagement & automation
  4. DAY FOUR — Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy, Tools & Integration
  5. DAY FIVE —Rock Your Hashtags
  6. DAY SIX —Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle
  7. DAY SEVEN —LAST DAY! Recap & a Few GREAT Resources

Each day of the #GrowMyFollowers 7-Day Course will have:

  • A Mailchimp Email which introduces the topic for the day & links out to either a Substack or a Medium story, expands the topic in helpful detail, offering tips, solutions, and strategies you can use right away.
  • Each day will have freebies & helpful resources!
  • Easy instructions on how to do the daily tasks that will help you grow!

Lastly, you’ll have to do the work. I can’t promise you results if you drop the ball here. Put in a little extra work and see your numbers improve!

So let’s GO, let’s GROW! Share this story with your friends so they can join us in support or grow their own subscribers.

~ Christina M. Ward is a content creator specializing in SEO content, marketing strategies, and branding. She works full time as a freelance content writer, editor, and CEO of Fiddleheads & Floss Writing Services.

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