Haha — that IS a good earworm! And, you’re welcome.

I, too, have stomach ailments from hell. The best thing I ever did was stop with the dairy! I keep some Lactaid pills onhand for when I HAVE to have cheese. But this helps a lot with my tummy issues. Yes, probiotics are so expensive!!

I’d say #1 — identify what you are eating that is most problematic for you. You may have to get to the bottom of this on your own. I’d love to see a recommended diet for nailing down food allergies and intolerances. I need to do it beause I know there are so many things that tear my system up. I hope you can find some relief!

And #2 — all that tummy mess can make your potassium levels drop and quick. This will make you so weak and tired! I don’t much care for bananas but when I feel physically low — I eat them. It helps a lot!

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