I am in a Curation Drought

and it kinda hurts

I recently wrote a poem entitled A World Without Butterflies.

I wrote another poem about the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Apparently the curators aren’t into Gnome stories

Another poem, I was stunned did not get curation. Yes, it is a rhyming poem, but I have not read another poem on Medium quite like this one:

Why do I take this so personally?

Historical poetry — not so much

A final example is a historical poem about the children who suffered under the atrocious Josef Mengele in Auschwitz. (Warning — this one is difficult to read.)

Some awful poetry gets curated

I have read some truly terrible poems that have been curated. (It seems lately the curators like the “big name” people from outside of Medium — whether they write poetry well, or NOT.) I realize even saying this makes me sound elitist, self-absorbed, snobbish — but I can’t make this post without saying that. It seriously makes me wonder — do the curators read the entire poem? Are they more article-focused and less concerned with raising the bar when it comes to poetry? Or is it really all a game of favorites?

Poetry deserves to be respected and celebrated on this platform

I want to see better for my craft on Medium. I want to see Medium give the same value to a well-crafted poem as it does to well-written articles.

But poetry — it is digging deep — deep into the well of humanity.

I humbly ask the Medium community to lift up the poetry here on Medium and support the work that moves you. The genre may not be for everyone, but it is a beautiful niche that deserves respect and elevation here on Medium.

And she loves her readers and fans SO MUCH.

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