I argue that I have quality work and the new system does not serve me. I have loyal readers and fans.

I went from 200 a month under the old system (and growing) to 130–150 and declining.

ALL of my numbers are declining, but I am getting curated more this past month, so I hope that helps.

I have to write twice as hard for a significantly less amount of money. One odd note — older articles are doing much better on the new system and are earning longer or experiencing new surges. It is the NEW material I struggle to make money on.

In response I have :

  • Slowed down my frequency (It is hard to write for hours on Medium every day and see 3.00 days.)
  • I am diversifying (looking for other places I can make money with my writing)
  • I am concentrating on honest interactions with people on Medium, rather than MPP-focused because honestly, it is too depressing to see my MPP and stats.
  • My poetry is now all but homeless. I feel it isn’t wanted here on Medium (another result of the new MPP)
  • I am adapting and hoping for a better 2020, in spite of MPP.
  • I am writing in new subjects in the hopes of reeling in new followers and readers.

I might as well have written a post on this and just tagged your article LOL Sorry, I am a bit long-winded today :)

I am very happy for you that it is working for you. I wish you continued growth!

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Freelancer | Editor | Poet | Mentor | Author of ::organic:: | 🤍POMpoet🤍 | I Love🌏 Virtual ‘tip jar’ ➡ https://ko-fi.com/christinaward

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