I support their feelings of being slighted, but I think they are just used to things being a certain way and the changes are not in their favor as much — I won’t support the blaming of women, the insulting of an entire gender. (Some of these comments were removed.) Thank you for delving into this matter — every time I researched it I came up with a male-dominated platform that is shifting to even the playing field — and this is no insult to who writes better articles and on what topics (the insinuations that got the complainers in hot water with intelligent women who fight for their work). Calling out individual female writers as examples of everything wrong with Medium was just uncalled for. (Those comments were also removed, but not before angering loads of people.) Ugh, I have a lot to say too, Vanessa. We’re all on the same hamster wheel. And for the men that feel slighted by what is happening — you can discuss these feelings and perspectives without insulting people and angry ranting that negates your purpose. We all want a fair shot. And it is easier when we support each other.

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