I think if we compare ourselves to others, or even try to imitate them in order to follow their path to success, then we are destined to fail. We all need to play to our own strengths and know our readers and what they respond to positively. Yes, rinsing and repeating is a small part of this — but a good writer can find new spins, new ideas, and new conversation to be had within a comfortably wide and successful writing lane that they define for themselves. The most successful here have found a connection with readers. If a person is failing they need to regroup, self-analyze, look at the quality of the writing and its presentation, its placement (pubs/wall) — not load the quiver and begin firing arrows over the line.

Thank you, Vanessa, for a wonderful article!

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Freelancer | Editor | Poet | Mentor | Author of ::organic:: | 🤍POMpoet🤍 | I Love🌏 Virtual ‘tip jar’ ➡ https://ko-fi.com/christinaward

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