I’m in “the more you know” and “keep trying” camp. Yes, Politically Speaking is a baby pub — still new. I’ll share your articles to my Twitter and see if I can drive some interest. It’s harder in these little pubs at first until the readership grows. But I hope it grows!

Thank you for reading and for commenting. We are all in this game together, aren’t we?

The verdict on how much all of this SEO stuff helps on Medium articles — but it is worth a shot. Up to this point I have been ignoring it so I think giving it some attention can only help. And I am so mad FOR you that all that money invested didn’t come to fruition for you. I’ve been hovering near 200 month here on Medium but this year so far I made that in the first ten days so something is helping. I’m going to keep trying :)

Again, thanks for reading.

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