It is not really withholding — it is supervisory input and delay until they are a bit more ready. Society pressures social media too soon. Our kids have tech time — but it is not ALL the time and it is not completely open either. I see both perspectives and I feel we went with the “safer” route. My daughter is growing up in an even more tech-dependent culture than my boys and for her it’s been a bit more of a bumpy road. But she appreciates each “baby step” we take until she’s ready to fly with it solo. And each step has been a learning process. I feel confident that she does not feel “restricted” so much now that she comes home daily with stories of the troubles her friends and classmates are getting into — each a teachable moment. I see your point very much — somethings are worth waiting for though. She wants to drive now but we know she’s not ready. And she may grumble about that, but that’s ok.

I know, of course, there will be some secretiveness — but we just have to do our best to keep her focused on the truly important things in life. Tech is a support for her to have a wonderful life. We just don’t want it to be a crutch.

Thank you so much for reading. I love input from other people and hearing their perspectives. I enjoyed hearing yours.

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