#Kindness — We Have Forgotten How to be Kind

empathy on the decline in America

But things in this great country are changing.

We are currently being conditioned by “the administration,” by the media, by social media, and by each other to seek out every difference we can find, to pick apart those differences, and to then use those differentiation as reasons to alienate, shun, and abuse each other.

I say we are better than this.

It’s time we incorporate some #Kindness in our lives, regardless of whether we agree with the other person, whether we like their skin or not, whether we live in the same kind of home or not — because we are all humans tied with the same kind of humanity to the same earth. In fact, if you are harboring hate in your heart towards any group of people based on these things — I challenge you to grow as a person. I assure you if you hate an entire group of people — the problem is you. Hate hate and terrible behaviors…not people.

Kindness is sometimes in the job description — but that is not enough.

Treating people kindly shouldn’t be just something we are required to do, but something that comes from the heart. For example, I shop in a lovely grocery store in my town called Lowe’s Foods not for the availability of the grocery items I am looking for, or the arrangement of goods on the shelves, but for the kindness of the store clerks. When I cannot find an item, I am quickly assisted with a smile. When I am checking out, regardless of my mood or however complicated my number of coupons or number of payment methods, they are friendly and courteous and helpful. But kindness is in the job description, right?

The science of kindness and compassion

According to the Compassionate Action network, compassion is defined by emotion researchers as the feeling that arises when one is confronted by the suffering of another individual and is compelled to do something to relieve that other person’s suffering. This is a normal human response.

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