My Top Earning Medium Stories and Poems — and How Much They’ve Paid

Let’s talk about earnings.

Christina M. Ward
4 min readNov 3, 2020


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Before you begin scrolling to get to the juicy stuff, let me explain the purpose of this post.

The MPP program can be tricky and confusing. If you are like me and Medium is important to your finances, then you need as much information as you can get about earnings here on the platform so you can develop your own winning strategies. I am not a person of financial means and work exclusively from home as a freelance writer and editor. Medium is a portion of my income I desperately count on each month.

If you are new here or if you want something, anything to compare to, to try and get a better understanding of Medium earnings, what earns, how much etc, then this post is for you. (Or if you are simply curious, I understand.)

Take the following information and do with it what you need. Take a look at the stories if you want to see what of my work is earning the most. Look at the topics that have earned me the most. See how many followers I have and how long I have been here. Whatever helps you. This post is NOT for the sake of humble bragging AT ALL. Please understand that. It is for the sake of transparency that it may help anyone in any way. I plan to do this about once a year.

My stats:

Current stats | November 2020

Author screenshot

Joined Medium: last few days of February 2019
Followers: 3.4K
MPP: around $150 per month if I stop writing and closer to $250 if I write daily. This classifies as top 5.5% of Medium, but not among the “top earners” of that grouping.
Topics: self-help (probably 30% of what I write), poetry & poetry-related articles (might even be about 40% of what I have written), publication newsletters (these are not in MPP), personal essays, writing tips, wellness, mental health, advice, politics, etc.
Curations: approximately 150 individual stories curated, most in duplicate topics except poetry, which are usually single curations. Stopped counting curations with the recent changes to curation.
Owner of : 3…



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