My Top Ten — A Guide for my Readers

some of the stories that you should read

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In no particular order, my Top Ten (all friend links so that non-members can read them as well):

#10 Poetry is Not Your Therapist (curated in Mental Health and Writing)

#9 Clarity (This piece won the 2004 Prose award at Catawba College) (not curated)

#8 On Dappling Pond (curated in Poetry)

#7 Are We nature-Depleted and Suffering for it? (not curated)

#6 A World Without Butterflies (curated in Poetry)

#5 The Squirrel and the Tree (curated in Fiction )

#4 Tips for Better Poetry on Blogging Platforms (curated in Poetry and Writing)

#3 The Poet Cleaning (curated in Poetry)

#2 Owning your Niche as a Writer (curated in Writing)

# 1 the skin i am in (curated in Poetry)

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