Oh I cannot WAIT to get started. I am recently home-displaced and am staying with my mom. I am saving for a small camper now. I even have a GFM going for it---this piece was a glimpse of "there will be tough times" but ultimately I CANNOT WAIT. I'll be working remotely on freelance writing to pay my bills. YIKES. Hopeful I can scrape enough together soon for a camper. A NEW LIFE BEGINS!!!!!

Did you work remotely? Was it a camper or a van? If you have stories about it on here, can you PM me a link or two? I'd love to read them.

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Freelancer | Editor | Poet | Mentor | Author of ::organic:: | 🤍POMpoet🤍 | I Love🌏 Virtual ‘tip jar’ ➡ https://ko-fi.com/christinaward

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