One can’t state experiences without insulting the intelligence of another? Without making sexist assumptions? If you can’t see it — why aren’t you listening to the people saying this is sexist? Your issue is with Medium — complain about them not women who are taking over the place and ruining it. Medium is pivoting to level a playing field that has been skewed in a male-dominated direction for so long that you are simply not able to compete. If you want to compete in a game not skewed to automatically lean your direction — up your game. Stop blaming women for your problems. If you are one of like 5 people supporting his hateful rhetoric, whether this is your “experience” or not, perhaps you should decide if you are viewing this through the lense of impropriety as well.

I am sorry you are having a bad experience with Medium. If this platform isn’t working for you perhaps you (and MKS) should consider a change that would better suit your own needs. But you are both coming across in a very bad light with a LOT of people. Instead of finding a way to address your issues and improve your experience, you have chosen to insult masses of people and then expect to have a better experience? I just don’t get the purpose behind this and other whiny articles of recent.

Thank goodness I am blocked now and don’t have to look at it. I just hate that there are swarms of newbies flocking behind someone with these harmful perspectives. And you are on the wrong side of the fence on this one.

We all have our experiences — but as humans we have to challenge ourselves to be better people.

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