Racism is a horrific thing. When we open that up to include every uncomfortable interaction, every perceived slight, and hold accountable anyone white for anything they do…it dilutes the true, systematic, inexcusable hatred and racism that SOME people have in their hearts. it is unfair to include all people who share the same skin color with those SOME people as being responsible for the behavior and attitudes for those SOME people (who sicken me, by the way.) Aside from treating all people in my life as equals, judging people based on character rather than background or skin color, speaking out against bigotry, I am unsure why my being white is a guilt or sin. I cannot help my skin color any more than anyone else. I grew up terribly poor and with a deck stacked firmly against me. I do not feel privileged to have grown up with only enough groceries in the house for the next meal, and one pair of shoes until they wore holes, and wearing my brother’s jeans. We all have challenges to overcome. It is all of our collective responsibilities to be good humans, but attaching racism to every action is simply a false narrative. True, some people are behaving in ways consistent with racism and should be receptive to being told hey that’s offensive. Talking too loud or over someone, anyone, is just an arrogant way to behave and does NOT imply racism. The insecurities and personal difficulties of a person that perceives racism even when it is not there is a result of THEIR being programmed by society that they world is out to get them. It’s time to stop vilifying every interaction between people, and vilifying ALL white people. Doing so is inherently racist and unacceptable.

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