Sex Sells, and People Are Lapping it Up


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Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay

I can’t. Go. There.

I mean, reading about all of your indiscretions is making me sweat. Don’t get me wrong — I am no prude — but there’s kind of this idea that my sexy is reserved, something I am careful with whom and with however many details I choose to share, discuss, describe.

But. I . Can’t. Go. There.

To disrobe and tell — or not to disrobe and tell

First of all — I am not the only person present during times of sexy (but yes, I know there are articles aplenty about solo-sexy that get lots of attention) and I feel it a bit “revealing” of the intimacy of another person (or persons) and this somehow feels icky to me.

Sex sells.

There is no doubt about the strength and truth of this cliché. And it is all but dripping from every advertisement, entertainment source, and subliminal stroking of all things media — so “buying” this flux of heated information can sometimes seem to not even be a choice.

If I advise her on-the-daily to respect herself, shouldn’t I do the same?

Not meaning here that anyone who opens the curtains of their bedrooms and feels bold and confident in that decision is not respecting themselves, not at all.

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