Symbiosis — a Beautiful Collaborative Poem by Four Medium Poets

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Yuumei~Ian Burt / Pollution~

Four Medium poets got their creative heads together for this moving environmental poem.

This post functions as a placeholder — meaning only one person of the four can post the poem (linked above) but the others can do placeholder posts referring to it — in the hopes that clappers for the poem will deposit claps to the placeholders as well. Please do read the poem and clap here and there as well!

Working on collaborative poems is challenging — but so worth it. You learn so much in the blending of voices and the joint editing efforts. It is a joy to see these four voices come together in such a lyrical, spiritual, thought-provoking, and impactful way.

Thank you to the poets that contributed! Christina Ward 🌼, Anna Rozwadowska, Sam Kimberle, and Zach J. Payne!

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Freelancer | Editor | Poet | Mentor | Author of ::organic:: | 🤍POMpoet🤍 | I Love🌏 Virtual ‘tip jar’ ➡

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