The Argument

Christina M. Ward
2 min readApr 27, 2019

a poem

Our intimacy now wafer-thin
Our touch now anklebone tight,
Some things, my Dear
Have changed.

We purse ourselves over tea
You snap the paper
I pretend to not hear
And study the tv.

We used to sit
Hand in hand, you and I
Our legs intertwined
Our young hearts engaged.

Now, with tea dribbled chin
Oh, my sweet Dear
With your stupid face
Things have changed.

A hearty hello on this, my second post here on Written Tales so I thought I’d introduce myself! I am happy to be here and I look forward to getting to know all of you fine folk. Poetry is a fine web of illusion we weave; one of love and deceit, intimacy with both the truth and a fiction that lives across a whisper-thin line. only as poets, we get to decide just where it is that line gets to be.

Just a tiny a bit about me — since this is a very brief intro — HI! I am Christina, a poet/blogger/aaalmost author. My poetry is published in a few literary journals but if you need to see that info you can stalk my bio on my profile page. Here is the link for two of the earliest poems I remember writing that I have in their entirety, just for giggles. They are not too terrible for early poetry. The poem you see above is very different for my style. If you like it a lot you may be surprised when you look at my work profile on my publication (link below) or if you don’t like it very much, you may love my other work much better. Read 2–3 of my poems and you will get a good feel for my work.

Either way — Medium Elevators say to vary your work right? Push yourself as a writer? Grow? So, here I am, little poet-lady me, trying something a little new. What do you think?

Nice to meet you — hopefully new poet friends. What I would like to find here are people who genuinely enjoy interacting with other people and supporting each other and promoting the tag of poetry on medium!

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