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Christina M. Ward
3 min readJun 24, 2021

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Hello and welcome to my page.

If you are new here, you’ve come to the right place for:

  • Expert knowledge on freelancing, making a writing career out of your life, and top tips and tricks for writers.
  • Hack-your-life positivity that will transform your life’s journey into one of authenticity and success.
  • Nature-infused and deeply emotive poetry from a best-selling poet.
  • Award-winning fiction.

About me: Full-time freelance writer living in North Carolina. Education: B.S. in environmental science and minor in English/writing concentration from Catawba College.

Medium Top Writer, top 1000 in MPP (more on my top-earning works later in this post), owner of the following publications:

  • Beautiful You: Stories about beauty, self-care, fashion, natural beauty, wellness living for your body, hair, skin, nails & more
  • Ask Christina: A publication for all your questions about Medium, about freelance writing, writing, poetry, or anything else. Relationships, parenting, self-care, or opinion.
  • Fiddleheads & Floss Poetry: Personal poetry pub offering poetry, environmental writings, as well as articles on writing, poetry, inspiration, creativity, the poetic form, and on growing as a writer/poet. Subscribe for poetic inspiration and a creative learning environment.
  • The POM: This publication is open to all poets. We lift each other and the genre of poetry here on the Medium platform.

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