The Plight of Our Honey Bees

honeybees are crucial for our survival

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Image by Michael Siebert from Pixabay
  • pesticides — especially widespread agricultural use of
  • Habitat loss — less forage and shelter for bees
  • Loss of flowers/food — land clearing and climate change induced flower deficits affects the bees’ abilities to locate enough food to support the same population size
  • Disease / parasites
  • Climate change — shift in warm-edge of temperature ranges, the bees aren’t migrating to cooler, more tolerable temperatures
  • Neonicotinoids — in pesticides, bees seem to prefer flowers laced with this and become “intoxicated” and cannot find their way back to the hive

The importance of honey bees

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Image by Oldiefan from Pixabay
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Image by Matthew Greger from Pixabay

Here is what you can do to make things better for our bees:

  • go pesticide-free in your yard and garden, go organic
  • plant a pollinator garden! What could be more fun and beautiful than a special garden area full of flowering plants that bees love? I recently planted a hummingbird vine — and the bees love it!
  • take up beekeeping
  • support beekeepers — buy local honey!
  • if you see a bee swarm (which is a normal thing when colonies outgrow their hive) contact a beekeeper in the area — they will often relocate the swarm
  • find bee-friendly educational and research projects in your area and get involved!
  • for more info:

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