The Very Beginner’s Guide to Medium Stats

And a list of writing articles because, why not?

When I got started on Medium, articles just like this one were my training program. I still read these helpful articles written by other Medium writers who have been here longer than I have, and I am still learning.

Stats can be confusing — how to read them and interpret them is a subjective boggle. I have studied statistics at the collegiate level and it is still baffling how to interpret Medium statistics and how they apply to my writing. So if you find it all very confusing — you are not alone.

Here is a bit of a quick how-to navigate your general stats screen.

Full disclosure: These are screenshots of my current stats and I am making roughly 200.00 per month. (I have linked a variety of my writer’s articles at the bottom of this article.)

Stats Page

The stats screen is based on a 30 day averaging of your numbers with regards to Views, Reads, Fans, and Claps. Here is how to read the information.

You may want to open your stats page on another tab so you can navigate your own stats screen while reading this article.

To get to your stats, click on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen. In the drop-down box, choose stats.

← Here.

←Also, if you scroll down, the HELP section is here.

That will open your stats screen where you can view the current stats for 30 days and daily. I am making the pictures large so that you can read them easily.


You see Views, Reads, and Fans across the top and note in the above screenshot that Views is selected. Across the bottom of the graph is the timeline and along the left-hand side you will see a count in tens, hundreds, or thousands, depending on the amount of traffic you are receiving.

The bar graph represents the number of views you are receiving in a 30 day total. You can see that number where mine says 10,147. This represents how many in total views I have received, counting today and back for a total of 30 days.

If you hover on any of the green bars in the bar graph you will see the “daily views” which is a total number of views per day.

Now click on the top number for Reads.


Note that the green bars all changed to now represent measurements of reads. To be clear, I am not certain how long a person has to read your article before it actually counts as a read. There is very fuzzy Medium math going on there, I am sure. But, here again, you can see the total number of reads for today and go back to a 30-day window, and you can hover over the green bars to see your daily reads. This statistic is now the most important overall statistic for you to monitor if you want to see your growth.

Now click on fans.


Again, the green bars have changed to represent the daily fan count. “Fans” are the unique individuals who read and interact with your work. Medium defines these metrics as:

Views vs. reads

Views are the number of visitors who clicked on a story’s page, while Reads tells you how many viewers have read the entire story (an estimate).


Fans represent the number of unique readers who clapped for this story.
— Medium Help Center

Another metric you may want to see is how many claps you have received on the total body of your work. To view this you will go to the bottom of your stats screen and click on “series.”

Author’s screenshot

That will bring you to this screen:


Here, again you can see the total number of claps in the top right of the screen. Mine is 56,oo6. Because I was unsure what this represented, I emailed support to clarify this when I first discovered this metric. This was the response: Yes, that is the aggregate claps for the previous 30 days.

If you hover over the green bars you can see how many claps you are receiving per day.

More stats

Back on the stories tab, you can scroll down to where the stories are listed and by clicking on each of those you can view more detailed information, including the curation status of your story.

At the top of the details page, you’ll see a summary of the story’s performance to date, including “Total Views” (all-time visits to your story) and “Read Ratio” (an estimate of the percentage of viewers that reached the end of your story).

— Medium Help Center

Due to the recent MPP and stats changes, more stats are available to us now by story. You have to click on the individual stories to see the information such as read times, traffic graphs, and views by source.

Don’t worry — as you begin navigating these pages it will become as clear as mud! It is up to you how much you utilize stats as a measure of your success and interpret how to use the information.

This has been a quick guide to get you started with stats — best of luck and success!

For further reading on stats — and if you want to try and decipher the new stats we have available to us, here is the link for Medium stats help:

Christina Ward 💗 is primarily a poet (follow Fiddleheads & Floss Poetry!) but also writes in other topics such as politics (follow Politically Speaking!)
parenting, family and relationships, mental health, climate change, feminism, and humor. Her writing articles have been the most successful here on Medium. Be sure to check them out!

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