There’s Something Wrong With This Picture

Christina M. Ward
3 min readDec 12, 2021
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Seriously? Scrolling down my Medium feed and this is ALL there is…scrolling scrolling scrolling…

Why does this happen? When views are down, people stop writing all the other stuff they love to write and they write about writing on Medium and how to make money with your work — because it is the ONLY thing getting views, reads or earning anything.

And I’m not knocking the writing — but that the Medium algorithm is clearly not capable of showing a variety of stories to me, or maybe this is all people are writing right now? Why can’t we have one page that shows the top 100 stories each day on Medium? Or a TOP categories page showing the top stories in a variety of categories? Is this “make money with this tip” all that my readers are seeing when they sign on? If so — WHY would they want to remain members here? Why on earth would they pay a monthly fee to be bombarded with stories that aren’t written for readers but for fellow writers?

Is anyone else swimming in a sea of “how to make money” articles? It wouldn't be this way if people would read anything else. If you need some suggestions, here are some I did that are NOT about how to make money with your writing:

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