Unproductive Days are Not the End of the World

the break you didn’t plan on can be useful — but don’t bother asking Alexa for help

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Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Alexa herself attempted to thwart my meager efforts to get a shopping list made.

“Hey Alexa, create Robbie’s Shopping List.” (The Echo Spot is a handy thing when you need to multitask or save the typing fingers — right?)

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Author’s proof that Alexa was taking the day off or just being a jerk.

Good. Grief.

All kidding aside — something about my day was just not going as planned.

I didn’t get out of my nightgown today until after 4 pm. I can’t blame that on Alexa. (She didn’t do much to help, though.) My family didn’t seem to mind me shuffling around the house in half-present groans. Working on the computer looked more like me staring at umpteen tabs open and toggling between them as if I’d entered a room and forgotten why I was there.

Don’t we all have days like that?

Complete unproductive waste.

Why do we need something to blame? A reason?

Because we want an excuse. We need to be able to tell others why we are not functioning up to par today. To alleviate guilt. To stave off responsibilities.

Sometimes you choose the break — sometimes the break chooses you.

I realized today that I was feeling rather deflated. Like a chubby-Grandma balloon that had her air let out. I’d swooshed about a bit and flopped. Aside from forcing myself into activity, my body and mind had decided the day for me.

  • Reset your perspective
  • Take a step back to evaluate
  • Get a handle on your emotions
  • Relax
  • Rest

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