Using Night Cream Helps Your Skin — Here’s Why

Here’s why your skin needs that extra boost every night no matter your skin type

Christina M. Ward
8 min readMay 18, 2021


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Many people mistakenly believe maybe their skin doesn’t need a night cream. Maybe they have oily skin, sensitive skin, young skin, or acne skin types. Maybe they feel the fancy creams are just too expensive or that they can get the same care for their skin by simply adding a regular lotion. But a good night cream is designed with your body’s natural nighttime skin activities in mind.

Let’s talk about what your skin is up to while you sleep, how night creams work to support those natural functions, and why you need a night cream for your best skincare routine.

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Night Cream Helps Your Skin at Night
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No matter your skin type, all skin can benefit from a good night cream

Your Nighttime Skincare Routine Is Important

Your skin does an awful lot of work while you sleep. These crucial activities help your skin to not only function its best but to look its best as well. We all know our skin shows it when we haven’t had enough of our “beauty sleep.” Turns out, beauty sleep is a very correct way of terming it.

Let’s take a look at what is going on with your skin while you slumber.

The role of skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it has important work to do for you each day and night. Take a look at some of your skin’s functions:

  • Protects you against harmful things in the environment, acting as a shield for you and all your internal organs.
  • Detects sensations such as temperature changes to keep your cells safe and protected from danger. (Also, your skin detects pleasurable sensations as well…thank you skin!)
  • Processes important nutrients for your body like synthesizing Vitamin D, a vitamin…



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