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If you’ve found this article — you must have words. Words that you want to share with the world.

Perhaps they are your stories that live and play in your head while you are working. Perhaps you want to type up your mother’s letters to home when she was in prison. (Hey, I’d read that!) Maybe you’d like to release a book one chapter at a time.

Maybe you want to teach other people how to do that thing you love doing. Do you write poetry, create visual art, or enjoy writing slice-of-life blogs with no real purpose but to get it out of your head and into the world? Is writing a hobby? A dream job? You have words.

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Maybe you are a professional and there is so much you know and can share about the business world or science, or finance, or mental health care — we welcome your voice here. We welcome your words. Politics! Yep, there’s room here for lots of that too. Come all you tech writers — we’ve got space!

Medium is a collective blogging atmosphere that has space for every voice. It’s a place to play around with self-expression or get serious about your writing hustle.

Here’s how it works.

The monthly fee is 5 bucks. If you write, you can list your stories in the Medium Partner Program and when other paying members read your posts — you get paid a portion of their membership fee. In my first month on Medium and every month since I have made enough money to cover my fee.

And I have had a blast while doing it.

Your fee also allows you unlimited access to ALL stories on Medium. No more getting locked out because you’ve read too many stories for the month. Yes, the writers here can provide you with a “friend’s link” and you can read that article for free — but you have to ask for these and it gets to be annoying. If you love reading, love learning, and staying up-to-date on all the latest — is 5 bucks really all that much? We spend that on a cup of coffee!

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Here are my Top FIVE reasons why joining Medium has changed my life for the better:

  • I have met the most wonderful people here. I’ve learned so much from them and developed some deeply meaningful relationships.
  • I can write whatever I WANT! And I get paid for it — what could be better than that!
  • The Medium community has given me so much support for my creative work, especially my poetry. That brings me great joy.
  • There is so much value to the content here on Medium. I learn something new every day. I Laugh. I Cry. I am entertained.
  • Medium is so much more engaging on an adult level than hanging out on Facebook all day. I find it much easier to interact with like-minded people. (You can choose the topics of stories you follow and Medium gives you a few stories each day in a reading list.)

When you are a paying member you:

  • Support the art of others!
  • Pay writers for their work!
  • Support the platform that gives us our voice!
  • Carve out your very own space for words — and share your voice!

So — you with the words. Yes, you. With so many words you need to share with others — what are you waiting for? Come and join us!!

Thanks for reading~

Christina M. Ward is a content writer, a blogger, and most importantly — a poet. You can follow her work by clicking “follow” on her profile or by following her publication (publications work like magazines within Medium and can have a variety of topics) Fiddleheads & Floss.

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