Writers Would Make More Money if They Stop Doing This

Clear writing advice for new writers and aspiring freelancers

Christina M. Ward
3 min readJul 28, 2022


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Note from the author: This is a helping article. It’s not one you’ll read and ponder, have a little chuckle or shed a tear…it’s for your information, to help you grow as a new or growing writer. But, I do hope you’ll stick around for a few minutes and take note of what you may apply and use. Bookmark a few things. Make a few friends in the comments…Thanks for stopping by, dear writer.

Writers would make more money with their work if they stop doing this:

Spreading themselves too thin across too many platforms and objectives.

Writers try to be all things in all places — which is why you are creating more work yet not earning more with your efforts.

Most new freelancers learn fast — to take the right jobs at the right price. To select the right platforms for the right pieces. To pitch the right places. Without this narrowed and more intentional mindset, you can find yourself working very hard for very little.

So, without further delay…here are some of the pieces I have written specifically for struggling writers who need a little help with work-life balance and with generating more income from their writing work.

Define Your Objectives

Pick Your Platforms & Career Paths Carefully

Learn a Little About Running a…



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