Yes, she was on the other side of some folding tables trying to get all the laundry done while watching two small children. I do not blame her at all. It could have happened to anyone. I do remember her disliking the man and her discomfort when he kept trying to talk to us. I remember that she appeared to be trying to hurry. I also remember the man was being very “slinky” like he was sneaking around when he came to sit next to me. Thank God I did not just walk out the door with him. I think about that sometimes. :( I think she was trying to keep her kids where she could see them and at the same time run this guy off by not being too friendly with him — and get the laundry done fast so we could leave. There were no cell phones in those days to call for help. I imagine it was very uncomfortable for her to be there alone with two small children to begin with. But predators know what they are doing. He waited for his moment. I am not sure she had any idea at the time of his intentions — only that she was bothered that he seemed to be hanging around.

Let me be clear. NONE of this responsibility or blame falls on my mother.

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